List of Common Abbreviations in a Vessel Abstract of Title

List of common terms and abbreviations in boat abstracts of title.

List of Common Abbreviations found in Boat Title Abstract from the NVDC

This list is provided as a reference only and may not be conclusive. It is also subject to various interpretations and may change without notice.

AF –    Affidavit
AG –    Assignment
AGCL –  Assignment of Claim of Lien
AGM –   Assignment of Mortgage
AGPM –  Assignment of Preferred Mortgage
AM –    Amendment
AMCL –  Amendment to Claim of Lien
AMM –   Amendment to Mortgage
AMPM –  Amendment to Preferred Mortgage
AP –    Assumption
APM  –  Assumption of Mortgage
APPM –  Assumption of Preferred Mortgage
ASSN –  Association
A/T –   Abstract Transfer
BKCY –  Bankruptcy
BS –    Bill of Sale
CL –    Claim of Lien
CORP –  Corporation
CP –    Community Property
CPRS –  Community Property With Right
        of Survivorship
CSVR –  Conservator
CTO –   Court Order
DG –    Deed of Gift
EXX –   Executor or Executrix
FCL –   Foreclosure
FLPM –  Fleet Preferred Mortgage
FRF –   Forfeiture
GP –    General Partnership
ILA –   Inter-lender Agreement
INC –   Incorporated
JV –    Joint Venture
JT –    Joint Tenants
JTRS –  Joint Tenants With Right
        of Survivorship
LP –    Limited Partnership
LQ –    Liquidation
LTD –   Limited
MRG –   Merger
MTG –   Mortgage
ONC –   Owner Name Change
OPL –   Operation of Law
OT  –   Other
PM –    Preferred Mortgage
PR –    Personal Representative
RCVR –  Receiver
SB –    Subordination Agreement
SCL –   Satisfaction of Claim of Lien
SMTG –  Satisfaction of Mortgage
SP –    Supplement
SPM –   Supplement to Mortgage
SPPM –  Supplement to Preferred Mortgage
TBE –   Tenants By The Entirety
TIC –   Tenants In Common
TO –    Transfer of Ownership
TSTE –  Trustee
TSTM –  Trustee, Mortgagee
UTA –   Under Trust Arrangement
WVR –   Waiver

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