Breaking News: On July 2022 NVDC will no longer require the Original Build Certificate

Beginning July 1, 2022, NVDC will no longer require the Original Build Certificate be sent via courier such as USPS, FedEX, UPS, etc…

Copies properly executed (including those with digital signatures) will be accepted.  This is a positive change that should relieve some of the burden on vessel owners, while affording preservation of the original documentation.

This is because the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), will no longer be accepting paper records. This is to stay in alignment with their goal for digitization of records as can be seen in the link: Strategic Plan 2022-2026 | National Archives).  This change in process includes acceptance of paper records generated by the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC). 

In preparation for this change, the NVDC is pursuing a technical amendment update to 46 CFR 67.99(a), which currently requires vessel owners to submit an Original Builder’s Certificate with the Application for Certificate of Documentation (COD). Read more: What is a COD? and what is vessel documentation.