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What is a Preferred Ship Mortgage with the Coast Guard

Once the vessel is documented with the USCG you can be able to buy it on financing in the USA. The preferred ship mortgage will show on the boats abstract of title report and must be satisfied upon sale of the vessel,

Overview of USCG Preferred Ship Mortgage

It is important acquaint yourself with some boating terminology as a boater because there are times you need to know if a boat you want to buy has a mortgage on it. One of the basic terms you come across is the preferred ship mortgage with the US Coast Guard.

In this article we explain all you need to know about the preferred ship mortgage with the Coast Guard, how you can finance a boat purchase, who maintains the register of mortgages for vessels in the USA and more.

Quick reminder of what is USCG documentation: This is the opposite of state titling for boats. It is a national form of recording a boat with the government.

What is a Preferred Ship Mortgage with the Coast Guard?

A Preferred Ship Mortgage implies a boat mortgage recorded against a given vessel documented with the US Coast Guard. It is guided under the United States Ship’s Mortgage Act of 1920 which takes precedence over all liens, other than preferred Maritime liens. 

In a simple term, a Preferred Ship Mortgage is a mortgage recorded against a vessel, that the boat owner agrees to provide a bank or lender an interest in a boat as a form of security for a loan. This is one of the major ways you can secure a boat loan. In other words, a Preferred Ship Mortgage gives a financier or lender of a vessel detailed status regarding a vessel. Whereas, the United States Coast Guard acts as a recording agency for effective and proper documentations of boat mortgages and other related tools.

Can you finance a boat purchase? and when is a ship mortgage required?

Yes, a boat purchase can be financed and this will require it to be documented with the NVDC instead of state-registered.

How Does a Boat Financing Works?

Well, boat loans are usually set up like a car loan based on a defined loan amount that you pay interest on within a fixed term. No doubt, boats are usually more expensive than a car, hence the loan amount maybe higher and terms longer than a car loan. The amount you pay on a boat loan is attributed to different factors like the loan terms, your credit score, the type of boat loan, your down payment and more.

When is a Ship Mortgage Required?

Well, a ship mortgage required when the full cash amount is not available to you so you need financing. The usually length of financing is at least five years, which is often regarded as a short loan term for boat financing. Whereas an average loan term ranges from eight to twelve years. A long-term boat financing is from twelve to fifteen years.

What is USCG documentation?

USCG Documentation is a national form of registering a boat. If your vessel is eligible you can document it with the Coast Guard. In order to obtain a Preferred Ship mortgage, you need to record or document your boat with the US Coast Guard first and obtain the COD. Once the vessel is documented with the USCG you can be able to buy it on financing.

What is a boat mortgage or marine mortgage called?

This is another name of the preferred ship mortgage in the USA. If you are using your vessel as security and receiving a loan, you are called the mortgagor. If you are taking the vessel as security (which usually means you’re giving the loan), you are the mortgagee

Who maintains the register of mortgages for vessels in the USA?

The Coast guard NVDC maintains the records for preferred ship mortgages on documented boats. You can lookup that info in the Boat Abstract.

What is a Preferred Mortgage on a Vessel?

A Preferred Vessel Mortgage implies all existing mortgage or first preferred ship mortgage covering a given vessel. It is also a lien on a mortgaged vessel based on the outstanding amount of the mortgage indebtedness secured by the vessel.

In another words, Preferred mortgage is a type of mortgage with a maritime lien status. It remains the #1 way to secure a boat loan.

A preferred mortgage is a type of mortgage with a maritime lien status. It is the way we secure boat loans.

What is a Maritime Lien?

This emphasizes the right of an individual or a lender to compel the sale of a ship based on the fact that he or she hasn’t been paid the debt owed to him from a given vessel. This is sometimes called Marine Lien.

The existence of a Maritime liens is dependent on the legality of a vessel. Do understand that the lien is not a security interest arising from the owners of the vessel or operator, rather, the vessel owes obligations that may be breached.

In other vein, Maritime liens arises based on maritime transactions or maritime accidents. These liens can occur from the different kinds of liens listed below;

  • Preferred ship Mortgage
  • Salvage liens
  • Seafarers’ liens- This comes from maintenance, cure or wages.
  • Tort liens- this type of liens comes from maritime accidents like collision or cargo damage
  • Liens for necessaries like food, repairs or fuel.
  • Mechanic lien

Maritime lien does not depend on either notice or possession. The Preferred Ship Mortgage is the only type of maritime lien which is recorded by the USCG. There are different kinds of liens on a boat as listed above, that the preferred ship mortgage takes precedence (priority ranking) when multiple lenders want to claim money from the creditor. This is why we have the word ‘preferred‘.

What is a Good Credit Score to Buy a Boat?

Many lenders and banks often require a good credit score to mortgage a vessel. Aim for a score of 700 or higher to increase your chances of getting a flexible boat loan. any lower and you can pay higher fees or interest. This penalty can be in form of huge upfront down payment as well.

How Does a Ship Mortgage Work?

A ship mortgage is a kind of security where the ship owner or the Mortgagor gives the Mortgagee or the lender an interest in a ship as a security interest as a collateral for a mortgage loan. IT works like car loans. You can apply for a loan amount, minus any down payment, and select a repayment term up to 20 years. Boat loans can be unsecured or secured by the boat. For more check out where to get a loan.

What is the Average Boat Loan Interest Rate?

A good or average boat loan interest rate is something you can find from friends in your area. Borrowers with good credit score should expect boat loan interest rates from 4% to 5%. but they can go up to 8%

What is the USCG satisfaction of mortgage form

Having a boat is very exciting, but there comes a time when you have to sell your boat. You must understand that selling a boat doesn’t come cheaply. It is kind of stressful and complicated.  You need to get a buyer, prepare the boat for sale, then price negotiation comes in.  Also, all the legal documentation needs to be carried out.

The USCG Satisfaction of mortgage form is often the last step in the process of selling your boat.

For beginners you have to complete this satisfaction form to make it seamless for the vessel owner after you. Remember, without a satisfaction of mortgage, the new owners cannot document the vessel by themselves.

You may also be fined by the USCG for not doing the right thing before selling off your boat. You need to inform the Coast Guard that you have satisfied all liens and mortgages on the vessel. This is what the USCG satisfaction of mortgage form is for.

Search for a Satisfaction release of mortgage lien at the NVDC

To find out if your boat or vessel has a lien or if the ship mortgage was satisfied already, make sure to check the Boat abstract of title. This is one of the most important reasons to get a Vessel Title Abstract. The NVDC would have the correct information about satisfaction of a mortgage.

Preferred Ship Mortgage – What You Need to Know

Below are some vital things you need to know about the Preferred Ship Mortgage

  • A Preferred Ship Mortgage is the #1 way to secure boat loans
  • The registration of a ship mortgage is very vital to have a legal effect
  • In preferred shit mortgage, ship owner offers a lender a security interest on the vessel
  • It is based on security transaction

What You Need to Apply for a boat Mortgage

One of the important things you will need to have is a certificate of documentation. This is the USCG form number “CG-1258”. You can find a boat loan through a variety of institutions, like banks, credit unions and online lenders. Your financing needs and the qualification requirements you can meet typically point you in the direction of the right provider.

Check Your Credit then Get Prequalified and choose the lender that offers you the lowest interest rate.

Key Takeaways

You can save yourself from some stress or processes associated with marine liens for USCG documented boats by ordering a Boat Abstract today.

With the boat abstract of title report, you get all in one information you need about your boat’s mortgages, bank names, and price paid. It will also detail the satisfaction of mortgages if there are any.

We are here to help you, what are you waiting for? Order your Boat Abstract today.

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