List of Common Abbreviations in a Vessel Abstract of Title

List of Common Abbreviations found in Boat Title Abstract from the NVDC

This list is provided as a reference only and may not be conclusive. It is also subject to various interpretations and may change without notice.

AF –    Affidavit
AG –    Assignment
AGCL –  Assignment of Claim of Lien
AGM –   Assignment of Mortgage
AGPM –  Assignment of Preferred Mortgage
AM –    Amendment
AMCL –  Amendment to Claim of Lien
AMM –   Amendment to Mortgage
AMPM –  Amendment to Preferred Mortgage
AP –    Assumption
APM  –  Assumption of Mortgage
APPM –  Assumption of Preferred Mortgage
ASSN –  Association
A/T –   Abstract Transfer
BKCY –  Bankruptcy
BS –    Bill of Sale
CL –    Claim of Lien
CORP –  Corporation
CP –    Community Property
CPRS –  Community Property With Right
        of Survivorship
CSVR –  Conservator
CTO –   Court Order
DG –    Deed of Gift
EXX –   Executor or Executrix
FCL –   Foreclosure
FLPM –  Fleet Preferred Mortgage
FRF –   Forfeiture
GP –    General Partnership
ILA –   Inter-lender Agreement
INC –   Incorporated
JV –    Joint Venture
JT –    Joint Tenants
JTRS –  Joint Tenants With Right
        of Survivorship
LP –    Limited Partnership
LQ –    Liquidation
LTD –   Limited
MRG –   Merger
MTG –   Mortgage
ONC –   Owner Name Change
OPL –   Operation of Law
OT  –   Other
PM –    Preferred Mortgage
PR –    Personal Representative
RCVR –  Receiver
SB –    Subordination Agreement
SCL –   Satisfaction of Claim of Lien
SMTG –  Satisfaction of Mortgage
SP –    Supplement
SPM –   Supplement to Mortgage
SPPM –  Supplement to Preferred Mortgage
TBE –   Tenants By The Entirety
TIC –   Tenants In Common
TO –    Transfer of Ownership
TSTE –  Trustee
TSTM –  Trustee, Mortgagee
UTA –   Under Trust Arrangement
WVR –   Waiver

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